Decoding Pakistan's Tech Sector

Founded in 2019, Data Darbar is the brainchild of Mutaher Khan, an economist by education and a journalist by profession. As the author of the only columnist which covered over 120 Pakistani startups, he is uniquely positioned to establish a unified database which does not just inform but also educate the readers.

Envisioned to be the Pakistan’s answer to Crunchbase, Data Darbar aims to map the mostly uncovered, undiscovered Pakistani tech sector. From fintech to E-commerce, Data Darbar covers all startups, businesses and ventures in a reliable way.

Insights by Data Darbar is the news section of DD. It was established after realizing a severe dearth of resources which would inform and educate the people. From funding news to defining basic business concepts, Insights by Data Darbar are fueled by reliable, objective data.

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